Liberia`s Taylor applies to serve jail term in Rwanda: Lawyer

Former Liberian president Charles Taylor says his imprisonment in Britain breaches his human rights and has applied to serve the rest of his jail term for war crimes in Rwanda, his lawyer said Thursday.

War criminal Charles Taylor secretly sent to UK jail

Liberian ex-warlord Charles Taylor was on Tuesday transferred under tight security from The Hague to a British prison where the convicted war criminal is likely to spend the rest of his life.

Liberia`s Charles Taylor asks to be jailed in Rwanda

Liberia`s ex-warlord Charles Taylor has asked to serve his 50-year prison sentence for war crimes in a Rwandan jail rather than in Britain, Kigali said on Tuesday.

Liberia`s Charles Taylor to serve war crimes sentence in UK

Liberia`s former president and warlord Charles Taylor is to serve out his 50-year prison sentence for war crimes in a British jail, Britain confirmed on Thursday.

Ex-Liberian president Charles Taylor`s 50-year sentence upheld at war crimes tribunal

A UN-backed appeals court upheld Liberian ex-president Charles Taylor`s 50-year sentence for arming rebels during Sierra Leone`s brutal 1990s civil war.

Sentencing of Liberia`s Taylor a `milestone`: US

Former Liberian president Charles Taylor has been sentenced to 50 years imprisonment for arming murderous rebels in Sierra Leone.

Ex-Liberian prez Charles Taylor jailed for 50 yrs

Taylor became the first former head of state to be convicted of war crimes by an international court since World War II in 1945-46.

Charles Taylor conviction sends warning to tyrants

Charles Taylor became the first head of state since World War II to be convicted by an international war crimes court.

Taylor aided war crimes in return for “blood diamonds”: ICC

Charles Taylor is the first African head of state to be convicted by an international court.

Charles Taylor war crimes trial closes

Sierra Leone civil war claimed some 120,000 lives in the 10 years to 2001.

Charles Taylor`s lawyer storms out of court

The former Liberian President Charles Taylor`s war crimes trial is in its last phase.

Closing arguments in Charles Taylor warcrimes trial

Charles Taylor`s warcrimes trial enters its final phase on Tuesday.

Naomi Campbell was ‘excited to meet Liberian leader Charles Taylor’

Naomi Campbell was apparently ‘excited’ to meet Charles Taylor, former Liberian leader, and had promised to visit his country.

Naomi Campbell parties away legal troubles

Naomi put her legal troubles behind by attending a star-studded party.

Naomi Campbell was flirting with Charles Taylor, reveals former agent

Naomi’s former agent has claimed that the model and Charles Taylor were "mildly flirting" before he was alleged to have given her "blood diamonds”.

Mia Farrow testifies in Charles Taylor war crimes trial

Mia Farrow testified at the war crimes trial of former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, contradicting the evidence given by Naomi Campbell earlier.

Court promises full privacy to Naomi Campbell at her court hearing

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been granted special protection when she testifies at a UN war crimes tribunal over claims that she was given a blood diamond by Liberia`s ex president Charles Taylor.

Charles Taylor`s lawyers request Naomi Campbell testimony postponement

Lawyers of former Liberian President Charles Taylor have filed a court motion requesting to postpone British supermodel Naomi Campbell’s testimony for the war crimes trial.

Naomi Campbell to testify at Charles Taylor trial

Judges in former
Liberian president Charles Taylor`s war crimes case have
allowed prosecutors to summon supermodel Naomi Campbell to
testify whether she received a raw diamond as a gift from him.

Charles Taylor lawyers oppose Campbell testimony

The prosecutors claim Taylor gifted "blood diamonds" to Campbell in 1997.