Chat with anyone via personalized URLs using `Twoople`

Technology is getting better day by day with new things coming up every now and then increasing connectivity and bringing the world closer.

Google Hangouts, Chat, Spreadsheets go offline for several hours

Google`s chat services and Drive reportedly went offline affecting widespread users.

Soon, chat with departed souls in virtual space!

Is it possible to communicate with dead ones like a Skype chat from the past? Yes, if we believe researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Men chat more than women: Survey

It may come as a surprise to many, but men talk more than women.

Yap.TV lets viewers chat as they watch

Yap.TV software lets show watchers engage in real time on Twitter and Facebook.

Spin King Warney now wants to be chat king!

Warne is using his network of celebrity friends to become the ‘King of Chat’.

Women need to chat to pep up their love life

Women with low sex drive just need a dose of good chat to pep up their love lives - not Viagra.

A good chat ‘may be enough to improve women’s sex lives’

Women with low sex drive might only need to talk about their problems.

Chat live with Aamir Khan on Facebook tonight

When it comes to film promotion, there are only a few actors who can match the creative prowess of Aamir Khan. News has it that for ‘Peepli Live’, Aamir, in his Facebook account, has announced that he would be available online for a live chat session with his fans. To promote his latest film, the actor comes online for a live chat with his fans around the globe at 11:00 pm (IST) tonight.

Study reveals why chimps can`t chat

A mutation in a gene might help explain why chimps, our nearest relative, don``t talk, claim scientists.

Log on to www. to date attractive people

An online dating exclusively for beautiful people is set to be launched on a global platform, despite criticism.