France faces risk of chemical, biological attack, warns PM Valls
France faces risk of chemical, biological attack, warns PM Valls

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Thursday issued a stark warning saying his country could face the risk of chemical or bacterial warfare as a result of its fight against the Islamic State.

Washington says use of mustard gas by Islamic State `plausible`

 A US official deemed it "plausible" Thursday that the Islamic State group used mustard gas against Iraqi Kurd fighters this week.

Islamic State attacked Kurds in Iraq with chemical weapons?
Islamic State attacked Kurds in Iraq with chemical weapons?

In an alarming situation, it is now being suspected that the Islamic State used chemical weapons during an attack on Kurds near Irbil city in northern Iraq last month.

UK fears chlorine-based chemical terror attack

The UK counter-terrorism police are focusing their efforts on growing fears of a chemical attack in the country by British terrorists returning from Syria and Iraq linked to dreaded Islamic State (IS) militants.

UN envoys hear doctor`s account of Syria chemical attack

The UN Security Council went into a closed-door meeting on Thursday to hear first-hand accounts of chemical attacks unleashed in Syria as it weighed possible action against those responsible.

Syria warns of chemical attack by rebels

Syria's foreign ministry Sunday warned that the opposition rebel groups may prepare to launch a chemical attack in Syria to frame its army.

Justice elusive for Syria chemical attack victims: HRW

Human Rights Watch Thursday said that hundreds of victims of a chemical weapons attack in Syria remained without justice one year on, days after Damascus`s stockpile was completely destroyed.

Syria hands over chemical arsenal destruction plan: OPCW

Syria has submitted its plan to destroy the chemical weapons within the first deadline, said Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on Sunday.

UN investigates seven Syrian chemical cases after August 21 attack

U.N. chemical weapons inspectors in Syria are investigating seven cases of alleged chemical or biological weapons use, including three incidents around Damascus after the August 21 attack which almost triggered U.S. air strikes.

Al Qaeda gunmen seize town in northern Syria

Al Qaeda militants in northern Syria captured a town near the Turkish border on Thursday following heavy clashes with Western-backed rebels, prompting the closure of a nearby frontier crossing, activists and Turkish officials said.

Obama gives nod to US-Russia agreement on Syria arms deal

A move that can evade severe action on Syria, the US President Barack Obama on Saturday welcomed the agreement between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov wherein both conceded that Syria should hand over the chemical weapons to UNSC.

India welcomes Syria`s decision to join Chemical Weapons Convention

India welcomed Syria`s decision of accession to the Chemical Weapons Convention, a move that may make international strikes against the Middle Eastern nation appear less imminent.

Syrian regime behind chemical attack: Rights group

An international human rights group said that evidence `strongly suggests` Syrian govt forces fired rockets with warheads containing a nerve agent, most likely sarin, into a Damascus suburb in August, killing hundreds of people.

Going to Congress not an American retreat: John Kerry

President Barack Obama`s decision to seek a Congressional nod for a military strike on Syria is not an American retreat as being described by the Syrian regime, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday.

Syrians flee to Lebanon as US prepares for strike

As UN inspectors crossed the border from Syria into Lebanon Saturday, they were followed out of the war-torn country by a continuous flow of families desperate to flee the threat of US strikes.

US claim on Syria attacks `nonsensical`: Vladimir Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin on Saturday verbally attacked the US claim on Syria regime`s involvement in the recent chemical attacks and called it `illogical`.

Germany rules out taking part in Syria military strike

Germany`s foreign minister ruled out his country`s participation in a military strike in Syria after an apparent deadly poison gas attack.

Syria crisis: Turkey’s armed forces on alert

Suspecting an attack from Syria as Western allies consider a firm step against Syrian government, Turkey on Thursday puts its armed forces on alert.

Syria chemical attack survivors recall horror

The survivors of last week`s chemical weapons attack in Syria have recalled the horrors after the strike, which killed nearly thousands, including a number of children and women.

Assad responsible, even if he did not order chemical attack: US

The Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, would be held responsible for the death of hundreds of people in the chemical attack near Damascus on August 21 even if he did not order it, the United States has said.