OPCW team visits Syria chlorine site after attack: Rebels

A Syrian rebel commander said a team from the world`s chemical weapons watchdog investigating an alleged chlorine attack against rebel-held Kafr Zita managed to visit the town on Tuesday, hours after coming under attack.

Syria to come under Chemical Weapons Convention from October 14

Moving ahead on US-Russia’s plan to tackle the issue of chemical weapons, Syria applied to join Chemical Weapons Convention which has been accepted by the United Nations on Sunday.

India welcomes Syria`s decision to join Chemical Weapons Convention

India welcomed Syria`s decision of accession to the Chemical Weapons Convention, a move that may make international strikes against the Middle Eastern nation appear less imminent.

China backs Russian plan on Syria chemical weapons

China backed a Russian proposal to place Syria`s chemical weapons under international control in a bid to avert a possible US military strike, even as a Syrian opposition delegation landed here today for talks.

Sri Lanka concerned over use of chemical weapons in Syria

Sri Lanka on Wednesday expressed concern about reports on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria that has resulted in a large number of civilian casualties.

`Chemical weapons are indestructible`

The Chemical Weapons Convention, which is in force since April 29, 1997, has been joined by 188 of 193 UN member states.