Chinese dissident accuses China of retaliating

Chen, who had taken refuge in the US embassy just before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visit to China, claimed his family members were attacked.

Blind China activist`s brother returns to village

A rights lawyer says the brother of blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng has returned to his village in eastern China.

Chen confident China will allow him to leave

Chen sounded more relaxed and optimistic than on Friday morning before details of the deal were announced.

Don’t let dissidents into embassy again: China warns US

China on Monday asked America not to repeat such an incident again in the overall interest of bilateral ties.

Chen’s ‘future is in America’, says Joe Biden

US Vice President Joe Biden said on Sunday that Chinese dissident Chen Guancheng could get a US visa “right away”.

Threats against family forced Chen out of US embassy?

Chinese activist said that Chinese authorities would have beaten his wife to death had he not left the American Embassy.

I want to kiss you, says elated Chen to Hillary

when liberty came to Chen Guangcheng after years of house arrest, guess what the Chinese activist had to say to Hillary Clinton: "I want to kiss you."

China seeks US apology for sheltering dissident

China has demanded an apology from the US for taking a blind Chinese man "via abnormal means" into its embassy.

Hillary on a high stakes trip to China amid Chen row

The impasse over Chen comes at a time which sees both the countries, US and China, in politically sensitive mode.

US asylum likely for China dissident: Rights group

US and Chinese officials are ironing out a deal to secure American asylum for a blind Chinese legal activist.