Taiwan ex-leader Chen Shui-bian freed from prison on parole

Taiwan`s ailing ex-president Chen Shui-bian was freed from prison on medical parole Monday after serving six years of a 20-year sentence for graft, as political leaders called for reconciliation on the deeply divided island.

Taiwan ex-leader Chen Shui-bian granted parole

Taiwan`s ailing ex-leader Chen Shui-bian was freed from prison on medical parole Monday, after serving six years for graft relating to his presidency.

Taiwan court suspends trial of ailing ex-president

A Taiwanese court has suspended the trial of former president Chen Shui-bian on the ground that he is suffering from depression, dementia and other health problems, officials said on Saturday.

Taiwan ex-leader to attend funeral in handcuffs

Taiwan`s jailed ex-leader Chen Shui-bian will be allowed to attend his mother-in-law`s funeral next week, but will remained handcuffed.

Former Taiwan president Chen sent to prison

Chen Shui-bian is the first ex-leader of Taiwan to be jailed.

Taiwan ex-president gets 19 years in prison

Taiwan`s supreme court sentenced ex-president Chen Shui-bian, an anti-China firebrand whose rhetoric enraged Beijing and irked Washington, and his wife to 19 years in prison for bribery.

Taiwan court cuts ex-president`s jail term

The former president was convicted last year of embezzling state funds.

Taipei court to extend detention, hear appeal of former Pres

The Taiwan High Court has decided to hear an appeal by former President Chen Shui-bian against his recent corruption convictions, according to reports.

Taiwan`s ex-president appeals life sentence

The office of Taiwan`s former president Chen Shui-bian says he has appealed a verdict sentencing him to life in prison on corruption charges.

Taiwan`s ex-president may face more graft charges: Report

Taiwanese prosecutors are mulling more legal action against the island`s former president and his wife, just days after the pair were jailed for life for corruption, it was reported on Sunday.

Taiwan media divided over ex-leader`s life sentence

Media in Taiwan were divided on Saturday over former president Chen Shui-bian`s conviction on corruption charges, with some hailing it as a "milestone" while others said it was a "flawed" process.

Taiwan court convicts ex-prez, imposes life sentence

A Taiwan court imposed a life sentence on former president Chen Shui-bian after convicting him of corruption on Friday, marking a watershed in the island`s turbulent political history.

Taiwan`s former first lady sentenced on perjury charges

A Taiwan court on Tuesday sentenced the
wife of ex-president Chen Shui-bian to a year in jail for
perjury, as it passed the first convictions in an
unprecedented case against the former first family.