HC grants custody of minor boy to uncle and not his mother

Keeping in view the well-being of a child, the Bombay High Court has granted the custody of a minor boy not to his biological mother, but to his paternal uncle and aunt, who brought him up in the last seven years at their home in a joint family.

Child's welfare supreme in matter of custody: Court

A sessions court here has allowed a man to meet his minor daughter, who is living separately with her mother, saying that "the issue of custody of the child is not a matter of right of the parents but that of welfare of the child."

Father is natural guardian of child: Bombay High Court

Holding that a father was a natural guardian of his child, Bombay High Court has ordered the custody of a two-year-old child be handed over to his biological father.

Are foster parents entitled to child custody over biological parents? SC to decide

The apex court has agreed to hear a plea of biological parents seeking custody of their child.

Pak `surrogate mother` gets custody of child

A Pakistani woman who allegedly acted as a surrogate mother for a childless Pakistani American couple has been granted custody of the child by a court after a seven-year-long legal battle.

Katie fears 'ending up like Nicole’ in child-custody case

Katie Holmes wants sole custody of Suri, as she fears being cut of from her daughter’s life just like Tom Cruise’s former wife Nicole Kidman.

Child custody row: MEA calls NGO

The Ministry of External Affairs has asked Kolkata-based NGO India`s Smile, which has sought custody of the two Indian children caught in a custody.

Woman denied custody due to child’s unwillingness

A woman has been denied the custody of her minor daughter by a Delhi court after the child expressed unwillingness to live with her mother.

Financial status not sole ground for guardianship

Better financial resources of
either of a separated parent cannot merely be the ground for
securing guardianship of their child, a Delhi court has held
while denying a father the custody of his 9-year-old son.

Conversion no ground to deny child custody: Court

Religious conversion of a woman cannot be a reason for disqualifying her custodial
rights over a child from a previous marriage.

Sheen passes child custody drug test

Sheen has come up clean in a drug test that he took earlier this month.

Child custody cases: World diplomats express concern to Japan

Envoys of US and 7 other nations urge Japan to sign a global convention to address problems on child custody.