US killer wants organs donated

Death row inmate Ronald Phillips` lawyers say in a letter to the Ohio prisons agency that Phillips would also be willing to donate organs to other individuals.

British Asian child killer murdered in prison

A British Asian child killer serving a prison term has been killed in Worcestershire jail after which two of his inmates charged with the murder in a court on Saturday.

Gujarat: Child killer sentenced to death

A district court on Saturday handed
down capital punishment to a man involved in kidnapping and
murder of a nine-year-old child in 2007.

SC commutes death for child killer

SC commuted the death sentence of a man, who murdered his neighbour`s two minor children, saying it did not fall in the "rarest of rare" category.

China sentences child killer to death: Report

A Chinese court on Thursday sentenced a
former doctor to death for fatally stabbing eight children
outside their school last month, state media said.

Torment for UK mother as child killer `re-offends`

The mother of a toddler killed by 2 boys in one of Britain`s most notorious murders told of her torment.