Many challenges remain to treat childhood cancer

In a most comprehensive study to date, scientists have found that despite advances in the treatment of childhood cancer, there has been less progress made in understanding the causes and prevention of childhood and adolescent cancers.

Genetic birth defects may lead to childhood cancer

Children born with genetic birth defects like Down`s syndrome are at an increased risk of developing childhood cancer, says a study.

Increase in rare childhood cancers linked to air pollution exposure

Scientists from UCLA`s Fielding School of Public Health have found a possible link between exposure to traffic-related air pollution and several childhood cancers.

Brazil, Malawi show way to low-cost cancer therapy

Brazil and Malawi have shown the way to low-cost childhood cancer treatment in developing countries.

`70% of childhood cancers can be cured`

Cure for cancers afflicting children have witnessed an improvement by around 70 percent, experts said at a seminar on childhood cancer here.

Smoking could expose your kid to leukaemia

Your heavy puffing around the time of conception greatly increases the chances of your child developing Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.