Childhood nightmares give rise to adolescent psychotic disorders

Researchers at the University of Warwick have found a significant link between the presence of persistent nightmares in childhood and psychotic experiences in adolescence.

Pop culture reminds Ben Stiller of his childhood days
Pop culture reminds Ben Stiller of his childhood days

Actor Ben Stiller, who stars together with actress Naomi Watts as a middle-aged couple in comedy-drama film “While We're Young”, says the pop culture reminds him of his “childhood and youth days”.

Family stress in childhood can triple risk of diabetes

Experiencing serious life events in childhood such as death or illness in the family, divorce or separation can triple the risk of developing type 1 diabetes, scientists have found.

Unhealthy diets in childhood affect heart later

Keep an eye on what your child is eating for the childhood diet will have a long-term effect on his/her health later, warns new research.

Low vitamin D in childhood leads to atherosclerosis in adulthood

 A new study has found that low level of 25-OH vitamin D in childhood results in subclinical atherosclerosis over 25 years later in adulthood.

Lesser the physical activity, poorer the academic performance in kids

 In a new study scientists have claimed that decreased physical activity during childhood lead to poor academic performance.

Catch them young!

At a recently held conference at TISS, experts discussed the need to focus on the early years of childhood, both at the policy and individual levels.

Children's Day: TV actors share what they miss from their childhood
Children's Day: TV actors share what they miss from their childhood

With the country celebrating Children's Day Friday, small screen actors Ravi Dubey, Tina Dutta, Shama Sikander and Nalini Negi evoke their childhood memories and share some hidden secrets.

Beliefs concerning soul, afterlife are deep-rooted

According to a study, what we believe as children about the soul and the afterlife determines what we believe as adults.

I got shotgun as a present during childhood: Brad Pitt
I got shotgun as a present during childhood: Brad Pitt


London: Brad Pitt has revealed he was gifted a shotgun when he was just a child as part of a family tradition. The 50-year-old actor-producer said he was gifted the dangerous weapon by his relatives when he was in kindergarten, reportedly.

Difficult eaters may have underlying psychological issues

Parents, take note! Bullying can initiate or reinforce body image preoccupations and possibly lead to a change in eating behaviour in kids, a new study has warned.

George Harrison's childhood home to be auctioned off
George Harrison's childhood home to be auctioned off


London: Beatles star George Harrison's childhood home is to be auctioned for over 100,000 pounds.

The three-bedroom terraced council house on Upton Green in Liverpool was the late guitarist's home throughout the 1950s, reportedly.

'Mindfulness' can improve adults' poor health caused by childhood adversity

A new study has revealed that mindfulness and accepting the present moments can help in improving the health of adults who were mistreated or ignored as kids.

Cara Delevingne to write autobiography

Supermodel Cara Delevingne is reportedly planning to write an autobiography about her childhood.

Animal fur bed helps reducing asthma risk in infants

A new study has observed that infants who sleep on animal fur in the first three months of life are less likely to suffer from asthma in later childhood.

Katy Perry couldn't afford music lessons
Katy Perry couldn't afford music lessons

Pop star Katy Perry says she couldn't afford music lessons when she was younger.

Childhood obesity may cause asthma

It is more probable that childhood obesity contributes to asthma rather than the other way round, says a study.

Parent`s death in childhood may increase kid`s mortality risk in adulthood

A new study has revealed that individuals who have lost either of their parents during childhood, have 50 percent greater risk of mortality risks in their adulthood than those unexposed to parental death.

Grateful for having an active childhood: Jennifer Garner

Actress Jennifer Garner has revealed that dancing and swimming as a child has helped her keep in shape as it set her up for an active lifestyle.

Timberlake posts childhood pictures online

Justin Timberlake shared pictures of his childhood in which he is seen playing a tiny banjo amongst a group of adults with their full-size instruments.