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China removes 75% cap on loan-to-deposit ratio

Facing economic downturn, China today removed 75 percent loan-to-deposit ratio stipulation for its commercial banks to improve liquidity and imposed USD 2.5 trillion as ceiling for local governments to control the spiralling debt.

China says local government debt soars

China on Monday announced the results of a long-awaited debt audit, revealing that liabilities carried by local governments ballooned to 17.9 trillion yuan (USD 2.95 trillion) as of the end of June.

China's foreign debt at $771.95 bn at June-end

China currently has about USD 3.30 trillion foreign exchange reserves.

China’s local govt debt out of control: says Auditor

"We audited some local government bond issues and found them very dangerous, so we pulled out," Zhang Ke of accounting firm, ShineWing, told Financial Times

China's external debt crosses $751 bn

The rising debt is adding to concerns whether it may undermine China's fiscal position and cause economic harm, a report in the state run China Daily said on Wednesday.

China's foreign debts total $751 bn

Medium and long-term foreign debts totalled USD 193.56 billion, while short-term debts stood at USD 557.7 billion, according to the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

China’s debt mounts to $2.78 trn, 43% of GDP

It is composed of 10.7 trillion yuan (USD 1.7 trillion) of local government debt and 6.8 trillion yuan of central government debt, Yang told a press conference on the sidelines of China's annual parliamentary session.

China calls on US, EU to trim fiscal deficits to address debt

Expressing concern over downgrading of America's credit rating, China the largest holder of its debt has asked US and EU to take concrete fiscal and monetary steps and check fiscal deficits to resolve debt problems to maintain global investors' confidence.