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US made intensive hacking attacks on China: Snowden

In his latest claims to the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, Snowden has said that the US government is hacking Chinese mobile phone companies to steal millions of text messages.

US, China agree to hold regular talks on hacking

American officials say they do not expect the process to immediately yield a significant reduction in the daily cyber intrusions from China, the paper said.

China's PLA likely source of over 100 hacking attacks globally

A unit of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) is the likely source of hacking attacks against more than 100 companies globally, including in India, as per a report, Parliament was informed Friday.

Li rejects hacking accusation; calls it "presumption of guilt"

Premier Li said hacker attacks in the cyber space is a worldwide problem and China itself is one of the major targets of such attacks.

Issue of cyber-attacks raised with Chinese leadership: US

Asserting that there has been "substantial and growing" concern over cyber-attacks emanating from China, the US today said that it has raised the issue with the Chinese leadership at the highest level.

China rejects US hacking allegations as "groundless"

China's Defence Ministry Wednesday denounced as "groundless" the accusation by a US security firm that a secretive PLA unit is engaged in sophisticated cyber espionage around the world, saying the allegation lacked technical proof and legal basis.

Eric Schmidt calls China world's ''most sophisticated'' hacker

He argues that the Chinese state backed cyber crime for economic and political gain, making it the biggest online menace in the world.