Thousands in China protest after officials beat vendor : Report

Thousands took to the streets of a Chinese city to protest at the beating of a vendor and of a passer-by who took photos of the incident, reports said on Sunday.

China residents drink pesticide in Beijing protest

A dozen people protesting the demolition of their homes in central China drank pesticide in Beijing in a desperate bid for attention that underscores the failures of a decades-old petitioning system.

Activists and students hold anti-China protests

Social activists and students from various schools today held protest demonstration against Chinese incursion in Ladakh sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

Another Tibetan self-immolates in China protest

An overseas rights group says another Tibetan has died after setting himself on fire to protest Chinese rule.

Two Tibetans set themselves ablaze in Lhasa

Protesting against the Chinese government, two Tibetans for the first time set themselves on fire outside a famous temple leaving one of them dead.