Lawyers boycott trial of prominent Chinese activist

Lawyers representing a prominent Chinese activist boycotted the start of a long-delayed trial in protest over procedural irregularities on Friday, in a closely watched case as China ramps up a clampdown on rights campaigners.

China activist sentenced to 4 years` jail

Prominent Chinese legal activist Xu Zhiyong was sentenced to four years` jail Sunday for his role in anti-graft protests, a court said, furthering a crackdown on a rights movement he championed.

Chinese activist warns Beijing against suppression

The Chinese activist who fled to America after taking refuge in the US Embassy last year warned Beijing that their relentless efforts to crush opposition forces or suppress human rights will only backfire.

Blind Chinese dissident Guangcheng asks US to protect relatives

Guangcheng caused a diplomatic row between the US and China after he escaped house arrest and sought refuge in the American embassy in Beijing.

China needs democracy: Chinese activist

Chinese activist and columnist Michael Anti said that internet censorship in his country was hurting the young and added that China needed democracy.

Charges likely for Chinese activist Chen`s nephew

Chen`s nephew Chen Kegui, 32, has been detained in China since May, accused of attacking local officials.

Chinese activist Chen gets offer to study in US

Chen received an offer from New York University to be a visiting scholar either in its campus here or at any of the institution`s global sites.

Threats against family forced Chen out of US embassy?

Chinese activist said that Chinese authorities would have beaten his wife to death had he not left the American Embassy.

China seeks US apology for sheltering dissident

China has demanded an apology from the US for taking a blind Chinese man "via abnormal means" into its embassy.

China sentences activist to 10 years over writings

It`s the third lengthy jail term handed down to a dissident in less than a month.

China eases grip on blind Chinese activist

Chen Guangcheng has been under house arrest for nearly 15 months for campaigning against forced abortions.

Chinese activist on trial as crackdown continues

Wang Lihong is known for pushing legal issues and backing a jailed Nobel peace laureate.