Hanoi says Chinese boat sinks Vietnamese fishing vessel in disputed waters

A Chinese boat rammed and sank a Vietnamese fishing vessel not far from where China has stationed a massive oil rig in disputed waters of the South China Sea, the head of Vietnam`s coastguard said on Tuesday.

Stranded Chinese boat removed from Philippine reef

A Chinese fishing boat found carrying thousands of kilos (pounds) of scaly anteater meat has been removed from a Philippine marine sanctuary where it run aground last week, a coast guard spokesman said.

Chinese boat detained in Japan

A Chinese fishing boat was detained Tuesday near the Japanese coast for allegedly fishing in Japan`s exclusive economic waters.

Chinese boat detained after fishing in Japanese waters

The Japanese Coast Guard has detained a Chinese fishing boat for allegedly fishing in the country`s exclusive economic zone without authorisation.

Chinese boat captain arrested off Japan`s coast

Foreign boats are prohibited from fishing in Japanese territory, although they can enter the waters for other purposes.

Japan arrests captain of Chinese boat: Report

The captain was arrested on charges of
violating the fishing operation law in Japan`s exclusive economic zone.

Over 100 protest at Japanese embassy in Beijing

Japan`s arrest of Chinese fishing boat captain has sparked a diplomatic row.