Bo Xilai named former top Chinese leaders in trial: Report

Bo Xilai mentioned the names of former President Hu Jintao and ex-security czar Zhou Yongkang during his high-profile trial over graft charges.

Top Chinese leaders asked to disclose assets

Central Committee is the highest body of the Party.

Leisure, back room politics await retiring Chinese

With a new set of Chinese leaders set to be unveiled on November 14 at the once-in-a-decade leadership Congress of the ruling CPC, it is not yet clear what the current high-profile leaders will do after retirement.

Chinese leaders lack full brains: Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama said that Chinese leaders show through their denunciations of him that they are childish.

Iraqi PM in Beijing to meet with Chinese leaders

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei says China and Iraq have a traditional friendship.

Left stalwarts to meet Chinese leaders tomorrow

Top leaders of Left parties will meet their counterparts of Communist Party of China (CPC) here on Monday to discuss relationship between both the countries as
well as party-to-party relations.

Communist leaders to meet Chinese leaders on Monday

Indian Communist leaders will meet leaders of the Communist Party of China in New Delhi on Monday.