Chinese court upholds sentence to `Sister House`

A Chinese court today upheld the sentence of a former banker, mocked by Chinese netizens as "Sister House", for faking IDs.

After banquet take leftover food home: Chinese netizens

Chinese netizens have launched an online campaign against waste on dining tables, calling for people to take leftover food home after banquets and take action to curb waste.

Chinese netizens flood Obama`s Google+ page

Hundreds of Chinese have flooded US President Barack Obama`s Google+ page, apparently taking advantage of a glitch in China`s censorship system to post about human rights and green cards.

Google`s exit draws admiration and anger from Chinese netizens

A day after world`s leading internet firm, Google shut its search engine for China, the step drew admiration, hate and anger in equal measure from the country`s netizens.

China`s netizens outnumber US population: Report

China`s online population, the largest in the world, is now more than the entire population of the United States, touching 338 million by the end of June after a surge of 40 million in the first six months of 2009.