Thai flight forced to return by unruly Chinese passengers

A low-cost flight carrying passengers from Thailand to China was forced to return to Bangkok after a Chinese passenger threw hot water at a cabin attendant, the airline said Saturday.

Missing Malaysia Airlines jet search: As it happened on Sunday

The family members of the Chinese passengers aboard MH370 have flown to Kuala Lampur to meet Malaysian government to get all information in regards to the missing plane.

Relatives erupt with grief after Malaysia says plane crashed

Relatives of Chinese passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines flight screamed, cried and collapsed on the ground on Monday after the Malaysian PM announced the jet ended its journey in the remote Southern Indian Ocean.

Mid-air brawl between Chinese passengers forces back flight

A mid-air brawl between two Chinese passengers onboard a Swiss International Air plane disrupted the Beijing-bound flight and forced it to return to Zurich, where the duo were arrested.

Mid-air passenger fight forces Swiss plane to return

A Swiss International Airlines plane from Zurich to Beijing was forced to return Sunday after two Chinese passengers fought above Moscow.