China says arrested assistant for German paper working illegally

China said on Monday that a Chinese woman who helped with the German weekly Die Zeit`s coverage of the protests in Hong Kong was working for the newspaper without permission and has been arrested on suspicion of "causing a disturbance".

Japan woman`s body sent by mail marked `doll`: Reports

Murder detectives were on Monday investigating the case of a young nurse whose corpse was sent by parcel post across Japan in a box that claimed to contain a doll.

Chinese woman survives 15 days in well

A woman has been found 15 days after she fell into a well in central China`s Henan province, local authorities said Tuesday.

Chinese woman`s suicide bid goes wrong

A suicide attempt by jumping into a well turned major embarrassment for a woman in China`s Shangdong province after she got stuck in it due to her oversize.

Chinese woman may break into all-male club of CPC

A Chinese lady "princeling" Liu Yandong appears to have a fair chance to get elected to the top echelons of the ruling Communist Party.

Protesting Chinese woman strips before hospital

The incident took place outside Beijing Guang`anmen Hospital earlier this week when she stripped off her clothing from the waist up.

Tai Chi exponent gains notoriety with claims to toss people

The video shows the men take giant hops backwards, with some falling on the ground.

Woman finds her deleted naked photos on iPhone

A young woman was shocked to find
her deleted naked photos from her broken iPhone recovered by a repairman who displayed openly in a phone store.

Chinese woman seeks husband who won`t have sex

The prospective husband has to meet certain conditions, including no sex before marriage and no sex life during the first three years of marriage.

Pak Taliban claims responsibility for killing Chinese woman

Taliban spokesman said that the
woman was killed to avenge "atrocities" by Chinese security
forces in Xinjiang.

Will thoroughly probe Chinese woman`s killing: Pak

Pakistan on Wednesday promised a
thorough probe into the killing of a Chinese woman in its
restive city of Peshawar.

China for credible security of its citizens in Pak

Beijing asked Pakistan not to
spare any effort to bring to justice the perpetrators of the
crime against Chinese woman.

Chinese woman shot dead in Pakistan

A Chinese woman and a male Pak friend were shot dead by unidentified motorcycle-borne gunmen in Peshawar, police said.

Chinese woman forced to abort 8-month-old foetus

A pregnant woman in south China was detained, beaten and forced to have an abortion just a month before her due date because the baby would have violated
the country`s one-child limit, her husband said.

107-year-old Chinese woman starts teething again!

A 107-year-old woman has left everyone astounded after she started teething again.

Woman tests police efficiency faking own kidnapping!

Police in Kaixian county, Chongqing municipality, have detained an 18-year-old girl after she lied that she had been robbed and kidnapped.