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New gene silencer drug could cut cholesterol by half

New gene silencer drug could cut cholesterol by half

The technique, known as RNA interference (RNAi) therapy, essentially 'switches off' one of the genes responsible for elevated cholesterol.

Cholesterol-fighting molecule can kill cancer cells: Study

Scientists have found that a compound developed as a cholesterol-fighting molecule not only halts the progression of prostate cancer, but can also kill cancerous cells. Standard treatment for prostate cancer can include chemotherapy that targets receptors on cancer cells, researchers said.

Eat avocado to improve cholesterol levels

Additionally, avocado consumption did not impact HDL (good) cholesterol. 

Cholesterol-lowering 'portfolio diet' cuts BP

Although the DASH diet had higher compliance rates, the "portfolio diet" was more effective in reducing blood pressure.

'US nod to Lupin's anti-cholesterol drug may not fatten up firm financials'

Lupin Ltd's anti-cholesterol drug securing USFDA approval is a positive development but may not contribute to the company's financials in a major way.

Common diabetes drug can lower 'bad' cholesterol

A common diabetes drug Metformin can also help lower “bad” cholesterol that is known for promoting cardiovascular diseases by hardening the arteries.

Healthy India special: Take care of your heart

One should take care of the heart as many people die because of heart problems. Nowadays even youth is suffering from heart problems.

Scientists say 'no evidence to prove butter bad for health'

 Enjoy your morning bread toasts spread with butter without any guilt as scientists have now claimed that the belief that butter, full-fat milk and cheese are bad for us are wrong.

`Diabetes education` reduces BP, blood sugar

A study has revealed that diabetes education helps people to cope with their diabetic condition by reducing blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Why `tree nuts` are good for your health revealed

A new study has revealed that eating tree nuts can help in reducing two of the five markers for metabolic syndrome that could lead to life threatening problems such as strokes and heart diseases.

Statins may increase life of diabetics: Study

The use of cholesterol-lowering statins may help prolong the lives of people with diabetic cardiovascular disease, says a new research.

78000 infants die of congenital heart disease in India every year: Doctors

According to a report by leading experts, it has been revealed that about 78,000 infants born with congenital heart disease in India die every year because of inadequate health care facilities.

Timely action can reduce burden of strokes

Timely action in case of a stroke and continuous screening for risk factors can effectively reduce the burden of this disease in India that has turned out to be a major killer, a medical expert here said.

Zydus launches diabetes treatment drug Lipaglyn

Pharmaceutical entity Zydus group today said it has launched Lipaglyn, its patented new drug for treatment of diabetes.

Cholesterol wonder drugs statins can also prevent cancer

A new study suggests that Statin-takers are less likely to die from cancer.

Higher doses of statins best against cholesterol

Treatment with higher doses of statins is usually the best way of lowering cholesterol levels

Little exercise and dieting can boost `good` cholesterol production

With a little exercise and dieting, overweight people with type 2 diabetes can still train their fat cells to produce a hormone believed to spur HDL cholesterol production

9 meals per day may cut cholestrol and help in slimming

Suggesting that eating little and often is healthier for us, experts have said that we should eat as many as nine meals every day.

Citrus fruit Bergamot could be key to beating cholesterol

An Italian fruit Bergamot reduces “bad” cholesterol and improves “good” cholesterol.

Algae extract promotes good cholesterol

A researcher has found that an algal extract could become a key to regulating cardiovascular disease.