Christmas Day plotter pleads not guilty in court

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, charged with attempting to blow up a Christmas Day flight over Detroit, pleaded not guilty during his first appearance in federal court on Friday.

US had enough info to stop Christmas Day attack

In a shocking revelation, a White House review has found that the government had sufficient information to disrupt an Al Qaeda plot to blow up a US airliner but failed to identify the suspect as a potential bomber.

Dec 25 bomber preached peace before botched attempt

Hours before heading for his mission to blow up Detroit-bound Flight 253, Nigerian bomber Umar Abdulmutallab cleaned his flat spotlessly neat, prayed loudly and pretended to be wanting world peace, his flatmates have revealed.

`Blotched Christmas Day attack shows al Qaeda is diminishing`

The al Qaeda`s unsuccessful attempt to blow up an American plane on Christmas Day reflects that the ability of this terrorist organisation to orchestrate a 9/11 type attack by well-trained team is diminishing, Blair has claimed.

Tighter security at last point of departure for US flights

Passengers flying to America would have to undergo stricter security and additional screening measures at the last point of departure of a US-bound flight in the coming days.

Failed bombing plot ignites profiling debate in US

The latest al Qaeda terror bid on a US plane has ignited an intensive debate in America over whether ethnic profiling would help in preventing such incidents and in better identifying suspects.

Revellers to usher in 2010 with fireworks and parties

Revellers across the globe prepared on Thursday to ring in the New Year with fireworks and festivities under tight security after a narrowly-averted Christmas Day airline bomb plot in the United States.

Obama to receive report on Dec 25 intel failure today

President Barack Obama would receive a preliminary report on Thursday on the botched Christmas Day al Qaeda attempt to blow up a US plane and the intelligence failure that failed to prevent it.

Nigerian airports to install 3-D scanners following terror bid

Nigeria will install 3-D scanners at major airports for screening air travellers, as a preventive measure against terrorists boarding aircrafts following an attempt by a Nigerian to blow up a US-bound plane.

Blame game intensifies as White House attacks Cheney

Politics over the failed al Qaeda attempt to blow up a US plane turned ugly on Wednesday with the White House entering into a verbal duel with former vice president Dick Cheney.