Johnny Depp assumes tech persona for `Transcendence`

US actor Johnny Depp, who admits that he is `an old-school guy,` transforms himself into a tech semi-god in the new sci-fi film `Transcendence,` the first project by Wally Pfister, the regular cinematography director for Christopher Nolan.

What made Johnny Depp sign `Transcendence`?

Actor Johnny Depp says he is fascinated with technology and its connection with power in his latest role in sci-fi thriller `Transcendence`.

Johnny Depp, Christopher Nolan team up for `Transcendence`

Johnny Depp and Christopher Nolan will be seen together for the first time in the upcoming sci-fi thriller ` Transcendence`

I have no advice for Ben Affleck: Gary Oldman

Actor Gary Oldman feels that Ben Affleck is a wonderful actor and he does not need any advice to play Batman.

Aaron Eckhart inspired by Christopher Nolan

Aaron Eckhart, who plays the lead role in “I, Frankenstein”, says he is greatly influenced by director Christopher Nolan.

Michael Caine, Samuel L Jackson in `Harry and The Butler`

Michael Caine, who memorably played the role of a butler in Christopher Nolan`s Batman franchise, is all set to reprise the butler role again but in a different movie.

Matt Damon joins Christopher Nolan`s `Interstellar`

Matt Damon has reportedly joined the cast of Christopher Nolan`s upcoming movie ‘Interstellar’.

Christopher Nolan to direct next Bond film?

Christopher Nolan is reportedly in talks to take charge of the next `James Bond` film.

Christopher Nolan to direct `Interstellar`?

`Dark Knight Rises` helmer Christopher Nolan is reportedly in talks to direct and produce a new sci-fi movie titled `Interstellar`.

Christopher Nolan suing agents over movie commission

Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas have filed a lawsuit against their former and current agency, claiming that both are demanding millions in commissions.

Review: The Dark Knight Rises – Spectacular end to an immortal saga

Christopher Nolan has done it again. They say the third outing is always tricky as there is awful lot of pressure to present a convincing plot for the audience in a way that the trilogy culminates into one phenomenal celluloid experience. Nolan has undoubtedly, outdone himself with his latest film which also happens to be the last in the Batman franchise.

`The Dark Knight Rises` director condemns Colorado massacre

`The Dark Knight Rises` director Christopher Nolan says he is devastated by the killing of 12 moviegoers by a masked gunman in a Colorado theatre during the midnight screening of the Batman film.

Shah Rukh Khan gaga over ‘Dark Knight’ Batman

Shah Rukh Khan can't stop raving about his favourite superhero - Batman.

Anne Hathaway incredible in `Dark Knight Rises`: Nolan

Christopher Nolan says Anne Hathaway`s work in the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ as villainous cat burglar is so good that people will be left wanting more of her.

`The Dark Knight Rises` biggest story I`ve told: Christopher Nolan

Slated for a July 20 release, the film will see Christian Bale reprising his role as Batman.

Christopher Nolan won`t make fourth Batman film

Director Christopher Nolan says he would not make more Batman film after `The Dark Knight Rises`.

Christian Bale will miss dressing up as Batman

Christian Bale, who is reprising his role as the caped Crusader for the third and final film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, has revealed that he will miss wearing the “f**kin’ cool” Batman suit.

`Inception` inspires Kunder, but not for remake

Christopher Nolan`s ‘Inception’ has had such an impact on Shirish Kunder that the filmmaker has now started working on a new film inspired by the same.

Christopher Nolan`s `Batman` outshines mine: Tim Burton

Tim Burton says Christopher Nolan`s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ has outdone his versions of Batman.

Batman ending was emotional for me: Christopher Nolan

The shoot on the much anticipated ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is complete.