Google intends to speed up web with QUIC Protocol

Google has revealed that about half of all requests from Chrome to Google's servers are now served over QUIC, a protocol that speeds up the web.

Google to improve scrolling problems in Chrome with Microsoft's Pointer events

 Google has announced its decision to adopt a standard that would allow both mouse and touch navigation for its Chrome browser.

Mozilla unveils restyled Firefox with improved features

The latest version of Firefox has been unveiled by Mozilla. In this new version the overall look has been restyled and several features have considerably been improved.

Google to make `strategic` investments in Android, Chrome

Google is set to make "strategic" investments in Android, Chrome, YouTube and Enterprise, among others, to further shore up revenue.

Google makes the world a playboard for Legos

Google on Tuesday began letting Lego lovers build with virtual color blocks in its Chrome web browser and then give creations homes in online maps of the real world.

Google updates Chrome for Windows 8 with OS-like function

Google has reportedly updated its Chrome for Windows 8 with features that essentially converts the browser app into a Chrome OS.

Google Chrome extension offers hands-free search

Google has released "Moto X-like" spoken search extension for Chrome, which enables hands-free queries.

Gmail service goes down globally

Gmail service was down on Monday around the world leaving millions unable to access their email accounts for about half-an-hour.

Google to offer money in exchange for users’ search history

Search giant Google has announced that it will start paying some users in exchange for their search history as part of the company’s new project called ‘Screenwise’.

Chrome unseats Safari as 3rd popular Internet browser

Google Chrome last week unseated Apple Safari as the third most used Internet browser in the US.

Google’s new operating system to take on Windows

New Google Inc software will start up a computer as fast as a television, the search company has said as it showed off its Chrome operating system designed for computers that do their work on the Web.