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Hepatitis C more prevalent than Ebola, HIV

More than 180 million people in the world have hepatitis C, compared with the 34 million with HIV/AIDS and the roughly 30,000 who have had Ebola, scientists say.

Sugar-heavy drinks up fatty liver disease risk

The key to preventing fatty liver disease, the most common cause of chronic liver disease worldwide, may lie in avoiding sugar-sweetened drinks.

High alcohol intake ups chronic liver disease risk among overweight people

The harmful combination of high alcohol intake and high body mass index (BMI) causes an increased risk of chronic liver disease, a new study has found.

Aspirin cuts death risks from liver cancer

Aspirin may help reduce risks of developing liver cancer or dying from liver disease, regardless of how often it’s taken, a new study has revealed.

Chronic liver disease cure on the horizon

Scientists have made an important breakthrough that could eventually lead to the development of new treatments for chronic liver illnesses.

Coffee benefits Hepatitis C patients

Coffee intake has been associated with a lower level of liver enzymes and reduced incidence of liver cancer.