`Red tape` should not mar India-US defence cooperation: Chuck Hagel

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Saturday India and US should not let "bureaucratic red tape" thwart the momentum of defence partnerships between the world`s two largest democracies.

US, India must improve defence cooperation: Chuck Hagel

The United States and India must seize opportunities to collaborate more on defense development and not let government red tape and other problems stymie progress between the two nations, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Saturday.

PM Modi voices concern over Iraq as US Defence Secy meets him

Voicing concern over deteriorating situation in Iraq, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said he looked forward to his Summit meeting with President Barack Obama to discuss how India and the US can build a partnership for peace.

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel to arrive in India today

After US Secretary of State John Kerry, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel will arrive in New Delhi on a three-day visit.

US needs new partners and relationships in Asia Pacific: Hagel

Ahead of his first visit to India, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has said the US is looking for new partners and relationships in Asia Pacific region which represents both opportunities and challenges.

Chuck Hagel to visit India next month: Pentagon

In his first opportunity to engage directly with the new leadership, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel will visit India next month to discuss bilateral defence and security ties with Indian officials.

US Navy gets its first four-star female admiral

In a first for the US Navy in its 236-year-old history, it has appointed a woman as its four star admiral.

US special ops to assess situation in Iraq: Hagel

US special forces operatives will assess the situation on the ground in Iraq to help evaluate gaps in the Iraqi security forces and increase their capacity to counter the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said today.

US soldier swap with Taliban was `right decision`: Hagel

Strongly defending US` decision to swap five Taliban detainees for an American soldier, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Wednesday said it was the "right decision" despite the "very high risk" involved.

US calls on European allies to raise Army budgets

Pentagon head Chuck Hagel called on the European allies to raise army budgets to modernise military capabilities.

Hagel says rush to judgment on Bergdahl `unfair`

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel today said it is unfair to the family of released captive Sgt Bowe Bergdahl to leap to conclusions about his behaviour in uniform.

Hero or deserter? Bergdahl debate rages in US

US political and military officials warmly welcomed Bowe Bergdahl`s release in Afghanistan, but questions about the circumstances of his kidnapping are becoming more insistent, with some soldiers accusing him of desertion.

`We needed to get him out`: Hagel defends Bergdahl operation

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Sunday an operation to free soldier Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for Taliban prisoners was undertaken to save his life, as the insurgents` leader hailed the swap as a "big victory".

`New opening` for US-Taliban talks possible: Chuck Hagel

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel expressed hope today the release of US Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl would lead to direct US talks with the Taliban.

Hagel to discuss progress of Afghanistan forces

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel flew to Afghanistan today to talk to commanders about the progress of the Afghan forces as the US looks pull all but about 10,000 troops out of the country by the end of the year.

Chinese General blasts at US-Japan on territorial issues

A top Chinese General today accused Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe and US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel of "coordinating" and "supporting" each other in their "provocative" remarks targeted at China at the Shangri-La Dialogue here.

Thai forces descend on central Bangkok to stifle coup protests

Thailand`s military government has readied thousands of troops and police to stop any protests on Sunday against its seizure of power, with shopping malls and some train stations closing in central Bankok areas where protesters may congregate.

China hits back at US, Japan for `provocative` remarks

Strongly denounced Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and United States Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Sunday for "provocative" remarks accusing Beijing of destabilising actions in contested regional waters.

China slams US defence chief for `threats`: State TV

A Chinese military official on Saturday blasted the United States for making "threats" after the US defence chief accused Beijing of inflaming tensions in the disputed South China Sea, state television reported.

Pentagon official to lead defence trade dialogue with India

A senior Pentagon official has been appointed to lead the defence trade initiative dialogue with India, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Saturday.