Two civilians killed in Army firing in Budgam, CoI ordered; Centre 'regrets' incident
Two civilians killed in Army firing in Budgam, CoI ordered; Centre 'regrets' incident

The Centre on Monday night termed as "highly regrettable" the Budgam incident in Kashmir Valley in which two civilians were killed and several others injured in Army firing and said a fair inquiry will be held and action taken against those found guilty.

Four civilians killed in artillery fire in Ukraine

Artillery fire killed at least four people in an overnight attack on a residential area in eastern Ukraine, spurring more people to flee the besieged city of Donetsk and its suburbs on Saturday to take their chances elsewhere.

Over 160 civilians killed in Nigeria: Report

At least 160 people have so far been killed in recent attacks in central Nigeria by unknown gunmen, a media report said Saturday.

Nigeria blast: Soldiers kill 30 on reprisal over leader`s death

Nigerian military opened fire in north-eastern city of Maiduguri on Monday killing at least 30 civilians, as per reports.

Two civilians killed in Naxal attack

Two civilians were allegedly killed in a Naxal attack in Kurkheda taluka of Gadchiroli district, police said.

US soldier kills up to 16 Afghan civilians

A US soldier has been detained in Afghanistan for shooting and wounding several civilians in southern province Kandahar.

At least 1,100 civilians killed in Syria uprising: Group

Syrian human rights organization Sawasiah said it had the names of the 1,100 people who it reported were killed mostly in the southern Hauran Plain region, where the uprising erupted on March 18.

UN-backed Congo troops killing civilians: Report

A UN-backed Congolese military operation to oust rebels from eastern Congo has caused more civilian casualties than damage to rebels.