Transparent brain reveals effects of cocaine and fear

A new technique that makes mouse brains transparent has revealed how the brain responds to cocaine addiction and fear.

Scientists turn mouse transparent

In a major breakthrough, scientists have transformed a mouse into a "see-through" creature that can give them a clearer view of the body tissues for research.

New technique makes brain see-through to enable 3D analysis of fine structures

Called CLARITY, the new technique opens the intact postmortem brain to chemical, genetic and optical analyses that previously could only be performed using thin slices of tissue.

Need clarity on war on terror: Pakistan to US

The terms of engagement between the US and Pakistan in the war against terror should be clearly defined so that conflicting positions and unilateral actions do not adversely impact ties, President Asif Ali Zardari has said.

Looking through telescopes, lenses with more clarity

Aerogels are among the most versatile materials available for technical applications.

No clarity in Centre`s anti-Maoist policies: BJP

Raising questions on
Centre`s anti-Maoist policies, BJP on Thursday said it would support
the government`s stand which would end Left-wing extremism

UPA lacks clarity in dealing with Maoist threats: BJP

BJP on Wednesday alleged that the UPA
government`s "lack of clarity" in dealing with Maoist threats
has resulted in inefficient functioning of police and
paramilitary forces.