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More than 72,000 cases of cleft lip, palate exist in India

Infants in low and middle-income countries face significant barriers to treatment, leading to prolonged disfigurement, social stigma, speech impairment as well as trouble of feeding food that can result in malnutrition and death.

New gene linked to cleft lip and palate identified

 Opening a new window for development of medical approaches to prevent cleft lip and palate, scientists have identified an important gene that is associated with the disfiguring condition.

New gene linked to cleft lip and palate identified

Increased activity of a gene called GREM1 (Gremlin1) significantly ups the risk for cleft lip and palate, the findings showed.

New gene linked to cleft lip and palate syndrome identified

An international team of researchers has identified a new gene related to the Van der Woude syndrome, the most common syndrome with cleft lip and palate.

Indian doctors gave smile to 61 Uzbek nationals

In goodwill gesture, a 10-member medical team, which included four surgeons, has conducted free-of-cost corrective surgeries on 61 Uzbekistan nationals suffering from cleft lip and palate in Tashkent.