Thousands join climate change march in New York

New York City Sunday was the scene of a huge and colourful demonstration against climate change with more than 300,000 people turning out as part of an international initiative to raise awareness about the dangers of global warming.

India likely to give lukewarm response to UN climate summit

India is likely to give a lukewarm response to the UN climate summit in New York this month as it views that it is not part of normal negotiation process being held under the aegis of UNFCCC.

Most vulnerable nations pledge climate action

Six most vulnerable nations have vowed to cut their carbon emissions.

‘23 arrested in Australia climate action’

Dozens of protesters shut down the railway line leading to Australia`s biggest coal export facility on Sunday, in protest over what they said was the failure of global climate change talks in Copenhagen.

`Tackling wider air pollution to speed climate action`

Countries could speed up their action against climate change if they tackled air pollution as well as carbon dioxide emissions, the UN Environment Programme said on Friday.