India not enthusiastic about Ban Ki-moon-convened climate meet

India is giving a lukewarm response to Ban Ki-moon-convened Climate Conference in New York next week insisting that parallel platforms add too confusion and negotiations should be held under the mandate of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change only.

China asks rich nations to pay for action on climate change

Ahead of a number of key meetings on climate change, China Tuesday asked developed nations to pay their committed amounts to finance efforts to combat global warming.

Warsaw to lay climate deal basics

Poland`s environment minister says his challenge at next month`s climate conference will be to lay foundations for a new global emission cuts deal.

UN climate talks seal legal pact on global warming

The 194-party conference agreed to start negotiations on a new accord that would put all countries under the same legal regime enforcing commitments to control greenhouse gases.

Pledges to cut CO2 will go on: UN official

The top UN climate official said Saturday she is confident industrial countries will renew their pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions after their current commitments expire next year.

`Climate conference in Cancun should produce realistic result`

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has called for a realistic result at the upcoming climate meet in Cancun.

Protesters try to disrupt UN climate talks in Copenhagen

Massive protest broke out at Copenhagen conference center where delegates were discussing a global climate pact.

The world four degrees hotter? An unwelcome idea

If Earth heats by four degrees Celsius -- some seven degrees Fahrenheit -- the planet we call home would become a very unwelcoming place.