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India asks G20 for $100-bn a year green climate fund by 2020

India asks G20 for $100-bn a year green climate fund by 2020

Pledging to quadruple India's renewable power capacity to 175 gigawatt by 2022 and cut fossil fuel subsidies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked world's top economies to ensure reaching the target of USD 100 billion a year green climate fund by 2020.

India seeks clarity on sources of USD 100 billion climate fund

India Tuesday sought clarity on ways to mobilise the targeted global climate fund of USD 100 billion per year by 2020, saying the developed countries are "nowhere" near the goal and this raises question on the credibility of the commitment.

Obama proposes USD 1 billion climate protection fund

President Barack Obama has decided to allocate a USD 1 billion fund to mitigate the impact of climate change, as he inspects farmland parched by drought in California.

Financing battle emerges at climate change talks

International climate negotiators were at odds Tuesday on how to raise billions of dollars to help poor countries cope with global warming.

UK, France to give £1.5bn for climate fund

British PM Gordon Brown has announced that the UK and France would give more than GBP 1.5 billion over the next three years to developing countries.