Climate talks: `Raise your voice, not sea level` – UN

The United Nations seized World Environment Day today to demand action on climate change to protect small island states threatened by rising seas, drought and floods.

`Equity is bottom line on climate change negotiations`

India today said the principle of "equity" for cutting carbon emissions should be the "bottom line" of talks on climate change.

`Climate talks should go by equitable agreement`

PM Manmohan Singh expressed concern over the lack of collective global will to address the climate change issue.

Climate talks: Lukewarm response to India`s agenda

India`s 3 point agenda -- talks
on carbon space sharing, IPR and unilateral trade barriers has
got a lukewarm response from key negotiating blocs.

Qatar to host next round of climate talks

Qatar, the world`s top per capita emitter of carbon dioxide, will host the next round of climate change talks scheduled for December 2012.

In climate talks West would redefine rich and poor

As delegates gather in South Africa to plot the next big push against climate change, Western governments are saying it`s time to move beyond traditional distinctions between industrial and developing countries.

World stumbles toward climate summit

Bangkok meet failed to narrow the deep divisions between the developing world and the camp led by US.

UN climate talks begin amid Kyoto Protocol feud

UN talks began with countries feuding over who should commit to cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

UN climate talks in focus at Davos forum

Copenhagen produced nonbinding accord with voluntary climate targets that wasn`t formally adopted.

Bolivian says climate talks may commit `ecocide`

Cancun climate talks may commit "ecocide" if it fails to take decisive action to halt global warming.

Compromise spirit at climate talks in last days

A spirit of compromise seems to have settled over the annual UN climate conference.

NGOs suspicious of `green room` diplomacy at climate talks

NGOs have expressed concern over "green room" talks on mitigation related issues at the climate change meeting among a
select group of countries like the US, India, China and Japan.

Stalled on treaty, climate talks turn to money

The world is waiting for fruitful negotiations, Mexico`s enviroment secy, Juan Rafael said.

UN climate talks seek complex, interlocked deal

UN climate talks starting in Mexico this month will seek a set of interlocking deals to slow global warming.

China and US in stand-off at climate talks

UN climate talks were set to wrap up with China and the US locked in a stand-off.

Climate talks appear to slip backward

Global climate talks appeared to have slipped backward after five days of negotiations in Bonn.

UN climate talks search for post-Copenhagen path

The first post-Copenhagen UN climate talks began with developing nations looking for proof.

Climate meeting "broke the ice": Germany

Some 40 nations at a high-level climate meeting have made headway toward a pact to curb global warming.

Germany, Mexico trying to push climate talks ahead

Five months after the troubled United Nations conference in Copenhagen, Germany and Mexico are teaming up in an effort to break the deadlock in negotiations on a global climate deal.

SAARC to evolve common position for climate talks

SAARC leaders Thursday agreed to
begin talks on initiating a common position for the climate
talks in Cancun and decided to launch a number of studies to
better understand the changes due to global warming in the