Cloud computing to ease healthcare access in Kolkata soon

A cloud-based application based on Big Data is being developed to ease access to healthcare facilities for masses in the eastern metropolis and connect rural areas to the city as well.

Top cloud Apps to store your data

The trend of cloud computing is picking up and more and more people are making use of this.

Google steps up its battle for Internet `cloud`

Google is stepping up its efforts to move into the Internet "cloud," taking on rivals like Amazon and Microsoft in competition for business customers.

China sets up cloud computing industry alliance

A cloud computing industry alliance was set up Wednesday in Beijing to promote the development and innovation of information technology.

Majority say their firms implementing cloud services: Survey

VMware`s fourth annual Cloud Index study, conducted by Forrester Research across 12 Asia Pacific countries including India, reveals that 89 per cent of the respondents covered in India believe Cloud Computing is relevant to their firms.

Security, privacy key inhibitors to cloud growth: Study

Cloud computing is enabling unprecedented innovations in technology, like bring your own device (BOYD), but security and privacy issues are key inhibitors to cloud growth, a study by technology giants Cisco and Intel revealed.

Emerging nations more upbeat about Cloud computing: Study

Cloud computing has in the last few years caught the imagination of IT leaders in emerging nations like India, Brazil and China who are excited about its transformational and innovative potential while in developed markets it is mostly seen as a cost-cutting tool, says a global study.

New hardware developed to protect data in cloud computing

Invention of a new technology in the hardware is going to make data encryption more secure on the Internet, a new study has revealed.

New Technologies pose challenge to investigating agencies

Investigation agencies probing cyber crimes in the country face major challenges with emergence of new technologies like cloud computing, mobile applications and wireless technology.

Pentagon to tap into cloud computing

Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the net to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Nivio launches app to access files on Google cloud

Google Drive is the newly launched cloud storage service by the global search giant.

Intel launches high-end server chip for the cloud

The company`s "Xeon E5-2600" family of processors delivers up to 80% better performance than previous platforms while consuming less energy.

CERN to tap new Europe cloud computing project

Three key research centers and a consortium of Internet companies said on Thursday they would work together on a European cloud computing platform.

US cloud computing report slams India, China

A U.S. software industry report on Wednesday chided Brazil, China and India for policies it said threatened the future of cloud computing.

MS puts Office in the `cloud,` confronts Google

MS Corp is making its biggest move as it takes wraps off a revamped online version of Office software suite.

Cisco, Xerox partner on cloud computing

Cisco & Xerox are partnering in a bid to bolster the amount of services & hardware they can offer to clients.

Oracle unveils new hardware for managing cloud computing

Oracle Corp, the world`s No 3 software maker, unveiled a new all-in-one product to help companies manage so-called "cloud" computing.

Cloud computing chance for Chinese software market

Cloud computing, a fast-growing way of selling services via the Web without physical software, offers a chance for China finally to develop a software market, according to a Chinese industry veteran.

Microsoft-HP to invest USD 250 million for cloud computing

Global giants Microsoft and Hewlett Packard on Thursday announced a three-year agreement to invest USD 250 million for cloud computing.

Next big thing on Web — Grid: The Times of India

With domain names in Hindi, Arabic and Chinese set to become a reality on the Web, the pundits in this science hub of Switzerland claim the next giant leap towards internationalisation will be the grid.