Intergalactic `wind` strips cluster galaxies of star-forming gas
Intergalactic `wind` strips cluster galaxies of star-forming gas

 A team of astronomers have provided the first direct evidence that an intergalactic "wind" is stripping galaxies of star-forming gas as they fall into clusters of galaxies.

Extreme storms flare up on Uranus for first time ever
Extreme storms flare up on Uranus for first time ever

Astronomers have recently observed extreme storms on Uranus, with enormous cloud systems so bright that the details in the planet's hazy blue-green atmosphere can clearly be seen.

Top cloud Apps to store your data

The trend of cloud computing is picking up and more and more people are making use of this.

Smoky haze clouds Singapore Grand Prix
Smoky haze clouds Singapore Grand Prix

A smoky, `unhealthy` haze has drifted over Singapore this week clouding the build-up to the city-state`s glamour sporting spectacle - the Formula One night race.

App to save precious data

Here comes an app that can help you save your precious smartphone data even if it is lost or destroyed.

Step up the ladder

There is a huge skill-gap in new technology arenas like Cloud and Big Data that promise to transform the country’s IT landscape radically, says Rajesh Janey, president, India and SAARC.

Cloud helps image molecules in detail

Researchers have now devised a code that crunches vast quantity of data in hours, instead of days and week, to produce images of single molecules in detail.

`Significant number of unknown bugs living above clouds`

Scientists have discovered a significant number of bugs living in the middle and upper troposphere, the airy layer eight to 15 km above Earth`s surface.

Warming potential of clouds could explain how Earth thawed out

Scientists have found that the greenhouse potential of clouds, which had been overlooked in previous research, could explain how a Snowball Earth may have melted.

Cloudy day in Delhi, showers ahead

It was a cloudy day for the capital on Saturday morning with the minimum temperature settling a notch below average at 24.8 degrees Celsius.

Sporadic rains in Delhi, more likely

Sporadic rains across the national capital made for a cooler Sunday, bringing down the maximum temperature to 32.9 degrees Celsius.

RISAT-1 capable of imaging without sunlight

Indigenously built RISAT-1 satellite launched on April 26 is capable of imaging even without sunlight and could penetrate through clouds.

Clouds to cool the earth

Analysis of lower cloud levels over the past decade has thrown up hints of a cooling mechanism that may be key to the planet`s climate.

Cloud that can hold water for ages detected

Astronomers have detected a huge cloud of water vapour, which can deliver a multitude of oceans to dry planets and is cold enough to form comets around a nascent solar system.

Cloud exploding from Sun ripples like clouds on Earth

The study could greatly assist physicists trying to understand and predict our Solar System`s ``weather.``

Cloudy, warm morning in Delhi

A warm and cloudy on Sunday morning greeted Delhi, a day after showers cooled the city.