J&K reels under cold wave, Leh coldest at minus 10.6 deg C

Though there has been a slight improvement in night temperatures, Jammu and Kashmir continued to be in the grip of cold wave with Leh being the worst hit.

Srinagar has coldest night in 16 years

The night temperature in Srinagar on Saturday dipped to a sub-zero 7.8 degrees Celsius, the lowest ever during the last 16 years.

Chittorgarh coldest in Rajasthan

Chittorgarh was the coldest place
in Rajasthan with a minimum temperature of 2.5 degree Celsius,
MeT department said.

Mount Abu coldest in Rajasthan with minus 4.2 deg C

Biting cold conditions continued
in parts of Rajasthan with Mount Abu recording a low of minus 4.2 degrees Celsius, while Churu was coldest in plains with the minimum settling at 0.4 degrees Celsius.

Gaya coldest place in Bihar

Gaya recorded the minimum temperature
in Bihar as intense cold gripped the region with mercury
plummeting here and elsewhere in the state.

Mount Abu coldest in Rajasthan

Mount Abu recorded the
lowest temperature of 2 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan, while in
plains, Sriganganagar had a low of 6.5 degrees Celsius.

Leh coldest in J&K with minus 10 deg C

Leh town in Ladakh region of
Jammu and Kashmir got some reprieve from the intense cold wave sweeping the state even as the minimum temperature stayed nearly 10 degrees below the freezing point.

Moon not Pluto coldest in Solar system

Dark craters near Moon`s south
pole may be the coldest place in the entire solar system,
frostier than planet Pluto.

Moon`s craters could be coldest spot in solar system

The shadowy craters of the moon`s South Pole could be the coldest spot in the solar system, NASA scientists have said.