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US Navy probes destroyer crash that killed seven in Japan

A probe into the crash between a US navy destroyer and a Philippine-flagged cargo ship was under way Monday, as the names of seven American sailors who died were made public.

US destroyer almost foundered after collision, bodies found: Seventh Fleet

The bodies of missing sailors were found in flooded compartments of the USS Fitzgerald, which came close to sinking after a collision with a container ship off Japan tore a gash under the warship`s waterline, the US Navy`s Seventh Fleet commander said on Sunday.

Seven killed in SUV-bus collision

Seven killed in SUV-bus collision

Seven persons were today killed and four others seriously injured when a SUV collided with a roadways bus near Bheera Rajadepur village in Bardah area here.

Ten killed, dozen injured in collision between truck, mini-truck in Bangladesh

At least 10 persons were killed and a dozen injured in a collision between a truck and a mini truck in Bangladesh`s Chuadanga on Sunday, police said.

50 killed in Afghanistan road traffic collision

The vehicles were travelling on a highway in Ghazni, Afghanistan, when they collided.

Himalayas were born 47 million years ago: Scientists

Himalayas were born 47 million years ago: Scientists

The team of Australian and US scientists believe the collision occurred 47 million years ago when India and Eurasia initially smashed into each other.

New robot can avoid bumping into people

New robot can avoid bumping into people

 Researchers have developed a new light-weight robot with 3D sensors that can move around without colliding with the people and objects in its way.

13 dead in migrant boat collision with ferry off Turkey: Report

At least 13 migrants died off the coast of Turkey Sunday after the inflatable dinghy carrying them to Greece collided with a ferry, Turkish media reported.