How brain identifies colour in motion decoded

For football players, being able to quickly judge the jersey colours of teammates and opponents and where they are headed is a valuable skill - and now scientists have found how the brain accomplishes this feat.

How brain processes shape and colour

A new team of researchers have found an insight into how brain responses to faces and objects with responses to colours.

How squids and octopuses are able to change their colour

A new study has tried to look into the mechanism behind squids` and octopuses` ability to change colour.

Change weighing plate`s colour to shed your weight

Scientists have suggested an easy way out for those who want to shed pounds. They should simply change the colour of their plates.

Now, a car that changes colour with your mood!

Imagine your car changing its colour as per your mood. Well, your imagination is now a reality.

Designers make white the new colour of the season

It seems that the sparkling red lehenga or the black floor-sweeping gown have become passé.

Sunglasses that can change colour rapidly

The process for creating the lenses, for which a patent is pending, also is less expensive and less wasteful to manufacturers than previous methods.

Street dramas add colour to polls

IPTA is staging street plays and docu-dramas during election rallies.

Expedition to discover colour of the Atlantic Ocean

Scientists have undertaken a seafaring expedition to find out the colour of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dev Anand excited about `Hum Dono` re-releasing in colour

Evergreen actor-director Dev Anand, who is all excited about the re-release of his classic film `Hum Dono` in colour, says that he will not turn to the small screen to promote his film.

I`ll colour all my films if `Hum Dono` succeeds: Dev Anand

Dev Anand is 87 but doesn`t hide his excitement at watching his hit 1961 film `Hum Dono` in colour. He wants audiences to see his charming self 50 years back and says he will colour more of his black and white films if viewers so demand.

How ‘bees see world’

Scientists have developed FReD which holds data on what colours flowers appear to be, to bees.

Why pink is Liz Hurley’s favourite colour

Elizabeth Hurley is obsessed with the colour pink, and she tells why.

Why we like the hues we do

Why do you end up buying almost every shirt in blue?

Maya`s poster discolouring case: 4 students released on bail

Four school students were arrested
for allegedly smearing colour on posters of UP Chief Minister
Mayawati during Holi and a local court today freed them on
bail even as she chided the police for taking such harsh
action for a `petty mistake`.

Chickens outperform humans in ability to see colour

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that chicken retina outperforms humans in ability to see colour.

Colours of dinos

Scientists have identified true colours of a dinosaur for the first time.