Feeling blue? You may not perceive colours accurately

Taking the association between our mood and colours beyond a mere metaphor, new research has found that feeling sad can impair our ability to accurately identify colours on the blue-yellow axis.

Hidden blue discovered in 2000-yr-old Egyptian mummy portraits

Scientists have discovered that Roman-era Egyptian mummy portraits used the pigment Egyptian blue, invisible to the naked eye, as material for underdrawings and for modulating colour - a finding never before documented.

Research shows how humans see different colours in different seasons

Revealing that humans see things differently in winter compared with summer scientist are now sheding light on human's ability to process colours.

Memory of colour shades: How our brains 'misremember' hues

 A new study has suggested that we have trouble remembering specific shades because our brains tend to store what we've seen as one of just a few basic hues.

Hiding true colours makes you feel immoral

 Hiding your true colours may do more harm than good as new research shows that we feel impure and immoral when we violate our true sense of self.

Corporate dressing: Don't overplay, underplay

 First impressions tend to last longer when it comes to the world of professionals.

Play Holi with safe colours

This year make sure you play Holi with safe colours. Chemical colours can cause many infections even cancer.

Beware of adulterated sweets and toxic colours this Holi!

Beware of adulterated sweets and toxic colours this Holi!

New Year special: Top ten dresses to rock the party!

Top ten dresses to rock the party!

'Colours' in ads can help disseminate apt message in as little as tenth of second
'Colours' in ads can help disseminate apt message in as little as tenth of second

A new study has revealed that "color" of the central object in an advertisement plays a significant role in communicating the message in as little as a tenth of a second, when exposure is blurred and lacks visual detail.

Scientists teach people to see letters as colours

For the first time, researchers have successfully trained people to "see" letters of the alphabet as colours in a way that simulates how those with synesthesia experience the world.

How brain processes color and motion revealed
How brain processes color and motion revealed

A new study has explored a brain region that helps processing colors and motion and how it retains an extraordinary ability to focus on important and relevant items.

In a first, butterfly wing colours changed in lab

In groundbreaking work, scientists have changed the colour of butterfly wings - the first such structural change in an animal by influencing evolution.

Keira Knightley reveals beauty addiction

Actress Keira Knightley says she is addicted to painting her nails in crazy colours for fun.

Pink city erupts in colours

Jaipur today erupted in colours as enthusiastic revelers celebrated Holi smearing and spraying colours on each other.

Colours rule streets as people celebrate Holi

Colours ruled the streets today as people of all ages with faces and clothes smeared in myriad of hues celebrated Holi, a harvest festival which marks the onset of spring season.

Holi special: Top 5 tips for children`s safety

Holi is a festival of unlimited fun and joy and to soak yourself in colours and forget all your worries.

Our emotions match music to colours

Our brains are wired to make music-color connections depending on how the melodies make us feel, according to a new research from the University of California, Berkeley.

India soaks in colour as people celebrate Holi

It was a riot of colours as revellers on Wednesday thronged streets and by-lanes to celebrate Holi with security force personnel along the borders and in Kashmir no less enthusiastic in applying `gulal` and exchanging sweets.

Festivity, colours mark Holi in capital

Colours of all hues, the smell of `gulal` and joyous spirit pervaded the streets on Wednesday as Delhiites came out to celebrate Holi in the capital.