Columbia University students launch website on India`s elections

A group of Indian students at Columbia University here has launched a website focused exclusively on India`s upcoming general elections, promising to provide a comprehensive and "no high-brow and jargon-led" reportage of the event.

Device that listens to bacteria is here

Here comes a chip that can be used for a most unusual application - the study of signalling in bacterial colonies.

SMSes a novel way to boost vaccination

Sending SMS alerts can help boost the rate of vaccination among low-income groups in developing countries like India.

New drug target to help fight malaria identified

A team of researchers has identified a key metabolic enzyme that is required by the common malaria parasites at all stages of its life cycle for survival in humans.

New super pill could make diabetes history

A new drug could help prevent people from becoming diabetic.

Herbert Salzer - The scientist who proved Albert Einstein wrong

A scientist from US was one of the very few people on Earth who could say that he corrected Albert Einstein`s math - and got him to admit as much.

Experts develop new soil testing gear for developing countries

Scientists from the University of Maryland and Columbia University have designed a new soil testing kit for the benefit of the farmers in developing countries.

Mystery behind coronal heating unravelled

Researchers have found evidence that magnetic waves in a polar coronal hole contain enough energy to heat the corona and that they also deposit most of their energy at sufficiently low heights for the heat to spread throughout the corona.

Sikh Columbia University professor attacked in hate crime

A Sikh professor at Columbia University has been allegedly attacked by a group of men who called him "Osama" and "terrorist" in an assault which the police is investigating as a hate crime.

Deadly new MERS virus traced to bats

The deadly MERS virus that has claimed many lives has been traced to an insect-eating bat in Saudi Arabia, researchers claim.

Bo Xilai`s son enrols at prestigious US law school

The son of disgraced Chinese senior politician Bo Xilai does not plan to return to his homeland for his father`s trial.

Obese adolescents at higher risk of hearing loss

A new study has revealed that obese adolescents are more likely than their normal-weight counterparts to have hearing loss.

Graphene: The strongest material in the world

Graphene remains the strongest material in the world, even when stitched together in a patchwork.

Closer relationships `not necessarily better`

Common wisdom says that feeling close to your romantic partner is key to having a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

How tongue detects high salt concentrations

Findings from a new study could serve as a springboard for the development of taste modulators to help control the appetite for a high-salt diet and reduce the ill effects of too much sodium, say researchers.

Why obese people are prone to asthma

A study by researchers at Columbia University reveals that leptin regulates the diameter of the airways.

Indian-origin woman arrested in US

An Indian-origin woman has been arrested on charges of trespassing on Columbia University`s campus.

`Hidden` chicken pox in guts can cause stomach ulcers

Chicken pox virus can `hide` in our guts since childhood triggering stomach ulcers and also be a reason for unexplained stomach pain and bloating in adulthood, a new study has claimed.

Drug turns fat into muscle

Scientists have found a way of turning fat into muscle. The discovery was made during research into new drugs to tackle obesity.

New flu virus found in seals could impact humans

US Scientists have identified a new strain of influenza in harbour seals that could impact human and animal health by causing potential pandemic flu.