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Google still top US search engine by a mile

Google reportedly continues to be the leader in the US search market by maintaining 66.9% of it and handling 12.9 bn searches out of 19.3 bn made in October.

India`s Net population is 73.9 million, 3rd largest in world

India with 73.9 million Net users is the world`s third largest Internet population, overtaking Japan but behind China and the US, according to research firm ComScore.

Google+ attracts 25 mn visitors

Google Inc`s new social network has attracted 25 million users, making it the fastest website to reach that audience size, according to data released on Tuesday by comScore.

Google Plus gaining ground in social network

Google Plus had 19.93 million unique visitors between June 29 and July 19 period.

Google breaks billion-visitor barrier

Facebook had the third most visited Web addresses.

Nearly 20 mn Indians visited biz websites in June: comScore

An increasing number of people
are going online for finance-related content, with 19.7
million Internet users in the country logging on to business
websites in June, says a survey.

Internet traffic to sports websites doubled in Jan`10

Number of people visiting the
sports websites has nearly doubled in January this year with
more than 10 million people accessing such sites in comparison
to the same period last year, comScore has said.

Google users loyal: comScore

The planned Microsoft-Yahoo! online search tie-up has promise but must overcome people`s fierce loyalty to market king Google, industry tracker comScore said Friday.