China: Xi tells attendees at Party school to focus on study

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping is officially projected to succeed President Hu Jintao as Communist Party chief later this year.

Michelle Obama dons $6800 jacket to visit Queen

Political commentators said that Michelle Obama elected to spend so much money on a garment while so many in US are suffering financially.

Olympic ceremony attack `nonsense`: London mayor

Aidan Burley posted a message to his Twitter account accusing London Olympics opening ceremony of being too "leftie".

London protesters march against `capitalist` Games

About 500 people critical of the economic impact and corporate flavour of the London Olympics marched near the Olympic Park.

Olympics ceremony a ‘multi-cultural crap’: Brit MP

Aidan Burley has been forced to say sorry after he branded the widely praised London Olympics ceremony as ‘leftie multi-cultural crap’.