Gibbons may be using similar form of language as human ancestors to communicate
Gibbons may be using similar form of language as human ancestors to communicate

A new study has recently revealed that Gibbons might be communicating through a similar form of language used by human ancestors in the past.

Know how cows communicate with their calves
Know how cows communicate with their calves

Cows use individualised calls to communicate with each other, a study that identified particular types of mother-offspring contact calls in cattle has showed.

Turtle eggs communicate before hatching

Baby turtles can communicate with one another before they hatch and can arrange to emerge from their eggs at the same time, an Australian study has claimed.

Like humans, birds too communicate using grammar!

According to Kentaro Abe of Kyoto University, Japan, Bengal finches have their own versions of rules-known as syntax.

Cars that can see and communicate to prevent crash

The MIT are working on a new ITS algorithm that incorporates models of human driving patterns to warn drivers of potential collisions and that ultimately takes control of the vehicle if needed to prevent traffic accidents.

Now, robots which can talk by generating own language!

Scientists created a pair of robots which can communicate locations to each other by generating their own language.

Human brain `on a microchip`

Canadian scientists have created a neurochip, that "communicates" with brain cells.

Fish `talk to each other`

Fish communicate with each other in a secret language of grunts, growls, chirps and pops.

Orangutans use 40 gestures to communicate!

You may call it the ape lexicon,
but orangutans use 40 gestures to communicate, say scientists.

Group to be set up to communicate with media during crisis

Government has decided to appoint
a nodal group consisting of information officers attached with
various Union ministries to act as an interface between the
concerned ministry and the media.