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Allahabad High Court's 150th anniversary: PM Modi calls it 'Tirtha Kshetra' of judiciary; advocates use of IT for speedy justice

Allahabad High Court's 150th anniversary: PM Modi calls it 'Tirtha Kshetra' of judiciary; advocates use of IT for speedy justice

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday stressed the need for use of technology for speedy delivery of justice and asked startups to come up with innovations to aid the judicial system.

Dr Subhash Chandra Show: Importance of communication for a successful life

Dr. Subhash Chandra on the importance of good communication for successful life. Watch this special segment and get to know more here.

Unique characteristics of autism genes may help early diagnosis

Researchers have discovered in a new study the unique characteristics of genes associated with autism that may help them distinguish from genes of other diseases, as well as help in early diagnosis.

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Turkey blocks access to WikiLeaks after ruling party email dump

Turkey`s Internet watchdog has blocked access to the WikiLeaks website in Turkey, it said, after the whistleblower organisation released nearly 300,000 emails from the ruling AK Party.

Online campaign seeks release of Mumbai man from Pakistani jail

A social group started an online petition to press for the release of Hamid N. Ansari.

India, Tunisia sign 2 agreements in IT, handicrafts sectors

The MoUs  were signed after Vice President Hamid Ansari met Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid held one-on-one talks.

Income Tax department to use email for issuing notices

Income tax department will soon start e-communication with tax payers excluding the old means of communication.

Robot bartender learns how to communicate with people

Robot bartender learns how to communicate with people

A team at Bielefeld University in Germany invited participants in the lab and asked them to jump into the shoes of their robotic bartender called James.

New network of artificial neurons can learn human language

Researchers have developed a new cognitive model, made up of two million interconnected artificial neurons, which can learn to communicate using human language.

Social groups effective in disseminating information on Facebook

 Not just popular opinion leaders but even a single individual who is part of a social group on Facebook can spread information to others just as effectively or more, US researchers have revealed.

Repeat aloud to another person to boost your recall

 A new study has revealed that repeating aloud to another person can boost your recall.

Smartphones: 30% of time spent on communication

A new global report released by Ericsson on Thursday claims that 30 percent of time spent by users on all smartphone apps is on communication.

Tech students need to hone communication, soft-skills: TCS

The company plans to give offers to 35,000 freshers from 350-400 institutes during FY16, which is 10,000 more than the ones for FY15.

‘Brain-to-brain communication’ developed

Reading minds would soon be possible, thanks to British scientists who have developed a system that creates “brain to brain communication.”