New method for fast Bluetooth data sharing
New method for fast Bluetooth data sharing

 Spanish researchers have devised a new method that ensures that information is shared quickly and effectively using Bluetooth technology.

India's internet users to cross 300 million
India's internet users to cross 300 million

 The number of internet users in India would reach 302 million by December 2014, registering a year-on-year growth of 32 percent over last year, a study said here Wednesday.

Families that play Facebook games together, stay together
Families that play Facebook games together, stay together

 A new research has suggested that Facebook games may actually do some good by breaking down both communication and age barriers within the family.

New lab at MIT to analyse Twitter messages
New lab at MIT to analyse Twitter messages

Twitter will provide the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with $10 million over the next five years to analyse every tweet that has gone out since the network was launched in 2006.

Human brains can communicate directly with each other
Human brains can communicate directly with each other

 A new has revealed that an international team of neuroscientists and robotics engineers have demonstrated the viability of direct brain-to-brain communication in humans.

Monitor your toddler's speech with this App
Monitor your toddler's speech with this App

A new App can help parents monitor the speech, language and communication development of their toddlers.

Britain moves to keep email, phone data for security

Britain said on Thursday it would rush through emergency legislation to force telecoms companies to retain customers` data for a year, saying the move was vital to protect national security following a decision by Europe`s top court.

Congress declares media team for UP

Former UP minister Satyadev Tripathi was named the head of the media department of state Congress.

New breakthrough could help improve telecommunication technology

Researchers have performed a study that can induce certain improvements to reduce the payload mass as well as to ensure the signal stability in communication and GPS-navigation satellites.

RCI director gets Homi J. Bhabha award

G. Satheesh Reddy, director of the Research Centre Imarat (RCI), the avionics hub of DRDO`s missile complex, has been named for the Indian Science Congress Association Homi J. Bhabha Memorial Award for 2013-14.

Individuals tend to communicate more with similar people

A recent study on temporal motifs has revealed that social interactions are more common between individuals with similar traits, as well as multiple common acquaintances.

Social media needs to be more inclusive: Experts

The social media, which is used often for connecting to people is transforming the world, but experts from the field feel that it needs to be more inclusive.

Communication as strategic imperative

Effective articulation of ideas is must for establishing qualitative connections, says Hariraj Vijayakumar, global head, Cognizant Academy.

April solar flare may create disruptions in communications

The Sun emitted a mid-level flare on the morning of April 11, 2013, it has been revealed.

Heavy rains cut off communication to Arunachal

Remote Anjaw district bordering China in Arunachal Pradesh is cut off from rest of the country for the past several days as early monsoon rains disrupted of surface communication to the region.

Terrorists using `most modern means of communication`

Terrorists are "now using adopting the most modern means of communication", Minister of State for Home RPN Singh said Wednesday.

Govt to set up centralised communication monitoring system

The govt said it will set up a centralised monitoring system for lawful interception of telephone and internet services.

65% of communication among pals via Facebook and texts

Two-thirds of interactions among friends are carried out electronically, and time spent talking on the phone or meeting in person is dwarfed by the volume of texts, emails and social media interactions, a survey has revealed.

Govt losing communication battle: Salman Khurshid

The government is "losing the communication battle" because its skills do not match up to the proliferation of, Law minister said.

African grey parrots `cleverer than 2-year-old kid

No other animals apart from great apes match the African grey parrots’ ability to understand noise-related causal connections, scientists say.