China targets ordinary Uighurs with beards, burkas

Outside a mosque in China`s restive west, a government-appointed Muslim cleric was dodging a foreign reporter`s question about why young men of the Uighur ethnic minority don`t have beards.

Canadian PM bans Chinese media from Arctic trip

Toronto: Canada has banned journalists with China`s official news agency and the Communist Party newspaper from joining Prime Minister Stephen Harper on an Arctic trip, prompting complaints by Chinese reporters who say they`re being discriminated against.

China`s elite tighten their belts as crackdown bites

China`s big spenders are reining in overt shows of wealth, shelving shopping trips in Hong Kong and Macau gambling sprees in the face of the Communist Party`s anti-corruption and frugality drive, analysts say.

China`s Xi pledges hard strike against military corruption

Chinese President Xi Jinping has pledged to strike hard against graft in the military, urging soldiers to banish corrupt practices and ensure their loyalty to the ruling Communist Party, state media reported on Friday.

Anti-graft probe against ex-security czar boosts Xi`s image

Zhou, 71, who retired from the country`s all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee (PSC) of the Communist party in 2012, also held the most powerful post as the head of the country`s national security.

China`s Xi approaches Mao in state media mentions: Study

Chinese President Xi Jinping`s name has graced the pages of the Communist Party`s flagship newspaper more frequently than any other leader since founding father Mao Zedong, according to researchers.

Over half of China military airfields threatened by high-rises

More than half of China`s military airfields have flight paths that are obstructed by tall buildings, causing accidents and airport closures, Chinese state media reported.

Ukraine seeks to ban Communist Party

Ukraine sought on Tuesday to ban the Communist Party more than two decades after the Soviet Union`s collapse because of its alleged support for pro-Russian insurgents battling government forces in the separatist east.

China ousts three allies of former security chief

Three officials believed to be right-hand men of China`s former security chief were expelled from the ruling Communist Party on Wednesday over corruption, authorities said.

Corruption crackdown snares former Chinese general

A spreading anti-corruption crackdown launched by President Xi Jinping snared its most senior figure yet on Monday when a former top Chinese general was expelled from the ruling Communist Party to face bribery charges.

Hong Kong``s democracy ``referendum`` likely to rile China``s communists

Hong Kong holds a controversial "referendum" on democracy on Friday, a prelude to an escalating campaign of dissent that could shut down the former British colony`s financial district and further anger China`s Communist Party leaders.

Chinese premier hopes to `change misperceptions` on UK trip

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang begins a three-day visit to Britain on Monday, hoping to "change misperceptions" about his country and improve diplomatic relations with London.

Chinese police arrest prominent rights lawyer

Police in China on Friday arrested one of the country`s most celebrated human rights lawyers, as leaders of the ruling Communist Party renew their push to punish government critics.

Italian PM courts Chinese investment on Beijing visit

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Wednesday met with top leaders of China`s ruling Communist Party, the latest European leader to beat a path to Beijing`s door hoping to attract more investment.

As Taiwan beefs up prized South China Sea outpost, barely a peep from China

Taiwan is building a $100 million port next to an airstrip on the lone island it occupies in the disputed South China Sea, a move that is drawing hardly any flak from the most assertive player in the bitterly contested waters - China.

Former aide to China security tsar expelled from party

A longtime aide to Chinese political heavyweight Zhou Yongkang has been sacked from his post and expelled from the ruling Communist Party for corruption, a party body said Wednesday.

Key protest leader not on ballot in rebel China village

Voters in a Chinese village that overthrew its Communist Party bosses in landmark elections two years ago went to the polls again today, but a key protest leader was absent from the ballot.

Rebel China village set for new elections

A Chinese village which held landmark democratic elections after it rebelled against Communist Party officials heads to the polls again on Sunday, shadowed by fears that local authorities are reasserting their grip on power.

China vows to stamp out corruption from judiciary

China`s ruling Communist Party on Monday vowed to crack down on judicial corruption after reports about several convicts bribing their way out of jails by getting their sentences commuted came to light.

Aide to China`s former security chief ousted

China has placed a former close aide to the country`s ex-chief of internal security Zhou Yongkang under investigation, authorities said, heightening speculation that the net is tightening around his former patron.