Tin could be the next super material for computer chips

A pioneering study by U.S. researchers has led to the discovery that the humble metal tin could form the world`s first material to conduct electricity with 100 percent efficiency in computer chips.

Smart homes to be a reality soon

It won`t be long before our homes use sensors and software to anticipate our needs and help improve our health and energy efficiency.

Hybrid spintronic computer chips a step closer to reality

Researchers developed electronic circuit to merge inorganic semiconductors with organic spintronics.

Similarities between human brains, worms and computer chips

Scientists from the US, the UK, and Germany have discovered that the human brain, the nervous system of a worm, and a computer chip have striking similarities.

Quantum computer chips edge closer to reality

In the quest for smaller, faster computer chips, researchers are now turning to quantum mechanics.

New organic nano-wires may help replace silicon in computer chips

Organic nano-scale wires may serve as an alternative to silicon in computer chips, according to a collaborative team of Chinese and Danish researchers.