Now, computer model that analyzes Sun-like stars that eat Earth-like planets

Some Sun-like stars are `earth-eaters` and while they are developing they ingest large amounts of the rocky material from which `terrestrial` planets like Earth, Mars and Venus are made.

Now, computer model to anticipate crime hot spots

Scientists claim to have developed a new cutting-edge computer model that predicts where burglaries are most likely to occur.

Computer predicts sudden cardiac death risks

A computer model predicted the risk of irregular heartbeats and sudden cardiac death, making possible more complex cardiac models to calculate the consequences of genetic, lifestyle and other changes to the heart.

Computer model offers `realistic` tool to predict HIV drug resistance

AIDS experts at Johns Hopkins and Harvard universities believe they have developed the first accurate computer simulation to explain effects of anti-HIV drugs.

World`s first computer model of organism created

Scientists have created the world`s first ever computer model of an organism -- a breakthrough which would catalyse radically new approaches to diagnostics and treatment.

Project to build computer model of human brain takes off

Scientists and researchers will be able to replicate mankind`s most vital organ in 12 years.

A computer model to protect space missions from comets

The scientists have developed a computer model that can locate the `active regions` on a comet.