Conjoined twins from Tanzania separated in 11-hr surgery

Chennai: City-based Apollo Hospitals today announced the successful separation of a pair of conjoined twins from Tanzania in a surgery that took a marathon 11 hours and required the expertise of around 50 professionals.

Delhi: Conjoined twins sharing liver successfully separated

Two-month-old conjoined twins, Saboora and Safoora, sharing a liver successfully underwent surgery at Medanta Medictity hospital to separate them.

Sisters sharing liver successfully separated

Two-month-old conjoined twins sharing a liver successfully underwent surgery at a hospital here to separate them.

What is Bipasha Basu playing in `Alone`?

Seldom does an actress in Bollywood take the plunge to break away from the stereotype roles. If reports stand true then bong beauty Bipasha Basu might soon be seen doing something similar. Well, according to a daily, Bipasha will play the character of conjoined twins in `Alone`.

One body, two faces: Rare twins born in Sydney

An Australian couple have welcomed the birth of conjoined twins who have separate brains and identical faces but share a body, describing their girls as "little Aussie fighters", a report said Monday.

Conjoined Tanzanian twins Saba, Farah separated after rare surgery

In a rarest of rare surgeries, medical surgeons at the Apollo Specialty Hospital in Chennai separated nine-month-old conjoined Tanzanian twins, Saba and Farah on December 16 after an 18-hour-long surgery.

Rare surgery underway to separate conjoined Tanzanian twins

A "rarest of rare" surgery to separate nine-month-old conjoined Tanzanian male twins, Ericana & Eluidi commenced at Apollo Hospitals today.

Conjoined twins Saba, Farah in critical condition in Bihar

The conjoined twins, Saba and Farah in Bihar are said to be in critical condition and have been admitted to a leading hospital in Patna.

Separated conjoined twins healthy at AIIMS

A little less than eight months old, Shaily tries to grab the hands of a reporter her mother is talking to while her twin Shilpa plays in her father`s lap nearby.

Conjoined twins separated, only one child saved

A team of doctors separated two-week-old conjoined twins at the Medical College Hospital here but could save only one child, hospital sources said on Thursday.

Bihar`s conjoined twins happy over SC ruling

Seventeen-year-old conjoined twins Saba and Farah welcomed the Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday that did away with the option of a surgery to separate them and directed the state government to grant the family Rs.5,000 per month.

Conjoined twins: SC not happy with Bihar govt

SC expressed displeasure against Bihar government for its "perpetual absence" during adjudication of the matter relating to conjoined twins of Patna.

SC seeks report of expert panel which examined conjoined twins

The Centre was asked on Monday by the Supreme Court to place before it within two days the report of an expert committee which examined the conjoined twins of Bihar for providing medical aid.

Conjoined twins` family undecided on surgery

The family of 16-year-old conjoined twins in Bihar will take the final decision on surgically separating them after the girls are examined at AIIMS.

Hope for conjoined Patna twins after SC ruling

Doctors say Saba and Farah will have to undergo a series of surgeries before they can be separated.

SC pushes for medical separation of conjoined sisters

SC today asked the Centre to constitute a medical board to provide medical aide to 16-year-old Bihar`s conjoined twins Saba and Farah Saleem.

`Condition of separated conjoined twins improves`

There is continuous improvement in the condition of the Siamese twins, Stuti and Aradhana, who were separated after a 12-hour surgery on June 20, doctors attending them said today.

Condition of one of separated conjoined twins steady

The condition of Stuti, who was surgically separated from her conjoined sister Aradhana, at a hospital here is "steady," a senior doctor said Saturday.

Conjoined twins separated after 12-hour surgery

Conjoined twins Stuti and Aradhna were successfully separated after a day-long complex surgery conducted by a team of 34 medical experts, including 23 doctors, drawn from India and abroad.

Conjoined twins separated after 12-hr surgery

Conjoined twins Stuti and Aradhna were successfully separated after a day-long complex surgery conducted by a team of 34 medical experts.