Plant-based raw materials to produce consumer goods?

Imagine wearing trousers made out of corn or a T-shirt made of sugar. With bio-based raw materials coming to the fore, this could, in fact, be the future of the consumer goods industry.

Consumer goods to be sold at PDS shops in Rajasthan: Raje

Selected fair price shops in Rajasthan would soon sell consumer goods and other items at their counters, Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje said today.

Kiwi Facebook pages operating as black-market for consumer goods

The New Zealand police has reportedly uncovered a string of Kiwi Facebook pages which operate as a black-market for stolen-to-order consumer goods including car parts and firearms.

Geologists warning over metals shortage

Geologists have sounded the warning bells over shortage of some metals owing to an insatiable demand for consumer goods.

Uttrakhand imposes surcharge on food items, consumer goods

The Uttarakhand government on Sunday
announced a surcharge of 0.5-1 per cent on select consumer
goods and day-to-day food items like dal, sugar and rice,
which would come into effect from tomorrow.