Heidi Klum loves to cook with four kids
Heidi Klum loves to cook with four kids


Los Angeles: Actress Heidi Klum says she likes to involve all four of her kids when she prepares meals at home.

Bradley Cooper learns to cook burger for `Adam Jones`?

Hollywood star Bradley Cooper is reportedly learning to cook burger to prepare for his role in the upcoming film `Adam Jones`.

300,000-year-old hearth used for cooking discovered

A team of Israeli scientists have recently discovered in the Qesem Cave, the earliest evidence of unequivocal repeated fire building over a continuous period.

Katy Perry `Clueless` about cooking!

Katy Perry can cook up great livewire performances, but the `Clueless` pop star says she can neither cook food nor boil water in the kitchen.

Fancy dishes complicate, says celebrity chef Mahigan

The most common mistake made by cookery show contestants is that they choose complicated dishes over simple ones to impress the judges, says celebrity chef Gary Mehigan who loves to gorge on south Indian cuisine whenever he is in the country.

10 Easy ways to de-stress

Indulge in simple activities like dance, day dreaming and praying to de-stress.

Fans pay $2,000 to meet Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, who recently released her second cook book, `It`s All Good`, launched an offer on Groupon.com, inviting 60 fans to spend 2,000 dollars to attend her exclusive cooking class in New York, on Tuesday.

Chris Martin is a bad cook

Rocker Chris Martin is no good in the kitchen, says his actress wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

Learning to cook led to evolution of human brain

Learning to cook may have helped the human brain to grow, leading to the development of tools, culture and civilisation, scientists claim.

Eat home-cooked food for longer life!

Tucking into a home-cooked meal can make you live longer, new research says.

Coal, wood burning kills more people than malaria

Burning coal, wood or charcoal for cooking kills two million people worldwide, each year - more than malaria - thanks to severe respiratory diseases this causes through indoor pollution, warns an expert.

Switch to olive oil for better health

Olive oil has the highest content of monounsaturated "good" fats amongst all edible oils, which reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides.

Aditya Bal returns with recipes from forgotten pockets

Aditya Bal is back with the new season of ‘Chakh Le India,’ and says this time he is focusing on old techniques of cooking and authentic flavours from "forgotten pockets" of the country.

Cooking can help you get laid, says new book

The best, and perhaps the only way for men to get a woman who is clearly out of their league is to cook for her, according to Spencer Walker, author of ‘Cook To Bang: The Lay Cook’s Guide to Getting Laid’.

Eva Mendes ‘is hopeless in kitchen’

Eva Mendes has admitted that she is hopeless in the kitchen and she either eats out in restaurants or gets her meals delivered.

I`m obsessed with cooking shows, says Lady Gaga

Pop star Lady Gaga says she is obsessed with cooking shows and loves experimenting with new recipes.

My kids love my cooking: Julia Roberts

Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts said her children love her cooking and want her to open a restaurant.

Kate Moss obsessed with cooking

Kate Moss has found a new obsession. She is keeping herself busy with cooking.

Cooking is therapeutic for me: Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has found a unique way to deal with her problems - she cooks to de-stress herself.

Children are fast taking to cooking

Pasta and sauce is the favourite dish for under-16s to prepare.