No copyright or trademark in Yoga, pranic healing asanas: Delhi HC

Exclusive rights over yoga and pranic exercises, which are derivatives of ancient technique of yoga in India, cannot be claimed under the Copyright Act, the Delhi High Court has held.

Parliament nod to Copyright Act amendments

Song writers, artistes and performers, deprived of their dues so far, can now claim royalty for their creations.

Rajya Sabha nod to Copyright Amendment Bill

Bill providing for certain important amendments to the Copyright Act, was on Thursday approved by the Rajya Sabha.

Government nod to Copyright Amendment Bill

The government on Thursday gave its nod to the Copyright Amendment Bill along with two other bills.

Changes to copyright act pit musicians against producers

A bill to amend the Copyright Act is expected to be tabled in the parliament.

Amended Copyright Act blessing for artists: Vishal Bhardwaj

Filmmaker and composer Vishal Bhardwaj says that the Copyright Amendment Bill, if passed in Lok Sabha, would certainly be a blessing for lyricists and music directors of the the Indian film industry.

Aamir back on Copyright panel

Aamir Khan will rejoin the Copyright Act panel after his fellow panelists submitted a letter to K Sibal.